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Here at Central Texas Tree Service, we are very serious about the business of proper tree care. Our goal is to keep your trees healthy and amaze you with how gorgeous they can look.

We are locally owned and led by our CEO, Lawson Eddy, who is a multi-generation tree care specialist and well respected in the arborist community.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, or pruning is the most requested tree service maintenance procedure. Tree trimming is often needed to maintain safety, improve tree structure and health, and make the tree aesthetically pleasing. There are important procedures to follow including sterilizing of pruning equipment, painting of cuts (for specific tree species), and making all cuts on the tree in the proper place to ensure optimal wound healing.Trees are complete ecosystems in themselves, so a scientific approach needs to be taken on all tree care. The act of trimming a tree is a mastery of both art and science. 

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Land Clearing

Whether it's 10 acres or 100 acres, our experts will work with you to plan the clearing of land for commercial or residential projects. Central Texas tree service owns all of the equipment needed which means we can start your project as soon as you are ready.

Tree Removal

Extreme weather can bring down trees unexpectedly. We are available 24 hrs to help with tree emergencies. We can also help with dead trees that are a danger if left in place. Our experts will be careful to not cause any damage and clean up all debris.

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Tree Planting

Let us help you pick out and plant the perfect trees for your location. We will show you our recommendations for trees that grow best for the area and meet your aesthetic needs.

Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak Wilt is a common disease found in oak trees. Treatment is essential for tree health. We will explain our treatment process and expectations for results. Our Oak Wilt expert wants you to be confident that the health of your trees is important to us.

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Other Services

  • Stump Grinding and Removal

  • Ball Moss Removal

  • Mulching

  • Historic Tree Management

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