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Oak Wilt Treatment Kerrville, TX - Central Texas Tree Service

What is Oak Wilt?

Oak Wilt is a highly virulent and destructive disease that affects oak trees. This disease, primarily observed in Central Texas, including Kerrville, Boerne, and San Antonio, is caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum.

Oak Wilt disrupts the oak tree's water conducting system, leading to wilting, a sign of Oak Wilt diagnosis, and eventually death.

Due to the high population of oak trees in Kerrville, Texas, Oak Wilt poses a serious threat to our Texas oaks, highlighting the importance of diagnosing Oak Wilt early to protect our trees effectively.

Symptoms and Signs

The first signs of Oak Wilt often include wilting, browning, and premature leaf drop. The disease usually starts at the top of the tree and progresses downwards. Different species of oaks exhibit different symptoms. Red oaks, for example, can die within a few weeks of infection, while white oaks, like Briggs Oak in Liberty Hill, may survive for several years with the disease.

How Infection Spreads

Oak Wilt spreads in two primary ways. The first is through root grafts between neighboring trees. When oak trees grow close together, their roots can intertwine and fuse, creating a pathway for the fungus to spread. The second is through sap-feeding beetles that carry spores from infected trees to healthy ones. These beetles are attracted to the sap produced by fresh wounds on oak trees, making proper pruning practices essential in preventing Oak Wilt. It's important to note that any trees within 50 to 100 yards of infected trees are susceptible to the disease.

Arborist That Treats Oak Wilt

At Central Texas Tree Service, we are the Oak Wilt expert and we specialize in Oak Wilt treatment. Our team is trained and equipped to diagnose and manage this destructive disease, making us the preferred Oak Wilt experts in Texas.


At Central Texas Tree Service, we offer comprehensive Oak Wilt assessment and Oak Wilt treatment services. We use the latest science-based practices, including Macro Infusion for extreme cases, to effectively manage Oak Wilt disease. After a meticulous evaluation of your oaks and property, we devise a personalized Oak Wilt treatment strategy, which may include preventative measures, therapeutic treatments, and the removal of infected trees.

About Kerrville, Texas

Central Texas Tree Service, a member of the International Society Arborists, is proud to serve the Kerrville, Texas area.  

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Kerrville, Texas is a gem of a city boasting a population of approximately 23,000 residents as of 2023. Renowned for its lush landscapes and vibrant arts scene, Kerrville offers a blend of small-town charm with big-city amenities.

The top five must-visit attractions in Kerrville include the Kerrville-Schreiner Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with camping, hiking, and water activities; The Museum of Western Art showcasing an impressive collection of Western-themed art; The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden, a peaceful sanctuary featuring stunning Christian sculptures; The Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, a hub for local artists; and the Riverside Nature Center, a must-visit for nature lovers with an arboretum and botanical garden.

When it comes to desirable neighborhoods in Kerrville, the top five include Comanche Trace, a master-planned community with a private golf course; Riverhill, known for its large, beautiful homes and sense of community; The Summit, offering spectacular views and upscale living; Westland, a family-friendly neighborhood with a range of housing options; and Methodist Encampment, an established neighborhood close to the city center.

Brimming with natural beauty, rich culture, and warm-hearted residents, Kerrville, Texas, offers a unique, fulfilling lifestyle that appeals to families, retirees, and everyone in between.

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