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We Help Preserve and Restore Trees to Their Natural Beauty

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If you were searching for tree service Boerne or Fair Oaks Ranch, look no further! At Central Texas Tree Service, we love all things trees and are serious about the business of proper tree care including tree trimming, tree removal, and ball moss removal. With ongoing maintenance, our goal is to keep your trees healthy and flourishing.


Tree trimming is the most requested tree service maintenance procedure. Tree trimming, or tree pruning, is recommended to improve tree structure and health, maintain safety, and make the tree aesthetically pleasing. With our tree service expertise, we provide proper cuts, pruning, and protective measures that will help your trees flourish. Pruning helps trees to grow faster once unnecessary or dead branches have been removed. Tree Trimming, when done the right way, will increase their longevity.

If you have tree problems, our tree care services help preserve and restore trees to their natural beauty. Central Texas Tree Service is more than just a tree trimming service. We are a full-range, fully health-conscious package.



Central Texas Tree Service is one of the top tree service companies in the Hill Country. As a professional tree service, we will assess your property and let you know what else your trees may need, such as adding new mulch or treatment for the disease. Whether you need tree pruning and maintenance, tree removal, stump removal, ball moss removal, stump grinding, or land clearing, we are the go-to local tree service.

Central Texas Tree Service offers quality tree service, and FREE estimates in the Boerne, TX area! If you need your trees trimmed, give us a call today!



Owner, Lawson Eddy, is a highly skilled arborist who literally grew up in the tree service business and has over twenty-plus years of experience in the tree service industry. At an early age, Lawson learned the importance of proper tree care. He has a hands-on approach, which means that often he is out in the field working with his teams doing tree trimming and tree removal. Lawson has dedicated his life to caring for, preserving, and restoring trees to their natural beauty.


Tree Care: The act of tree trimming is a mastery of both art and science. There are important procedures to follow in proper tree care such as sterilizing equipment to prevent the spread of disease, painting cuts (for specific tree species), and making all cuts on the tree in the proper place to ensure optimal wound healing for the tree's health. Tree service is about more than just removing branches. Trees are a complete ecosystem in themselves, so a scientific approach needs to be taken in all tree care.



As a homeowner, keeping your trees maintained means healthy flourishing trees. Plus, the overall condition of your tree care will impact the beauty and curb appeal of your home.

Poorly cared for trees can negatively affect the overall appearance of your property and affect your property value. Also, the chance of falling branches causing property damage is greatly reduced. Additional tree services we offer that can help your curb appeal are stump removal and stump grinding for the unsightly dead stumps left behind when a tree has died.

Once our tree trimmers, who are skilled technicians, have given your trees a proper trim, and clean-up of any underbrush and debris, you will fall in love with the way your yard looks!


We are your locally-owned Boerne tree service pros and offer FREE ESTIMATES for tree care service in Boerne, TX. Professional services we offer Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Emergency Storm Response for damaged or fallen trees, Ball Moss Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Stump Removal, Mulching, Land Clearing, Planting of Large Trees (seasonal), and Oak Wilt Treatment.


Tree removal specialist, Lawson Eddy, has vast experience in removing damaged and dangerous trees that have fallen on buildings, houses, and vehicles. His knowledge and experience come from being part of an emergency response team who provided quality and skilled tree service removal after numerous hurricanes and tornados that had devasted homes and cities.

No one is happy about needing to have a tree removed however if your trees sustain storm damage, or one dies, it becomes not only an eye sore but also a potentially very hazardous situation. The last thing that you want to happen is for a dead tree to fall on your porch, roof, vehicle, or a person!

Removal of a large tree is a dangerous and often daunting task. We are the premier tree removal service in Boerne, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. Lawson and his team have the experience and skills needed for any emergency tree service removal – residential and commercial.


Just like your home is an investment, we consider tree care services investment in your land and the environment. Healthy trees are vital for the environment as they produce oxygen and help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. In the Texas Hill Country, trees provide homes for various wildlife as they rely on trees for food and shelter. Trees are maintained properly, which means saving trees. Partnering with Central Texas Tree Service can assist you in maintaining the health of your trees.


What sets us apart from other tree service companies? We do quality work, and we care about our customers and their trees. We also offer our tree services at a very reasonable price! We take the time to listen to the homeowner and answer your questions. We want to do more than trim trees; we want to do an excellent job by educating you on why tree care is so important.

A large part of our business is from reoccurring customers, in the Boerne area, who also refer us to others. Check out our satisfied customers and our verified reviews on Google.


Central Texas Tree Service is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, The Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce, and the International Society of Arboriculture.


Locally owned, we offer free estimates for Boerne tree services including Comfort, Cordillera, Dominion, Fair Oaks Ranch, North San Antonio, and the surrounding area. We are also a Registered Tree Contractor with the City of Fair Oaks Ranch.

Calls us today for a FREE estimate.


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